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Eddie's Creation

How a Simple Act of Repair Gave Life to Eddie Bunny and Inspired a Brand

In a distant and warm memory, I met with a unique bunny doll. As a little boy, I fell deeply in love with this special doll, handmade by my grandmother. However, the years mercilessly left their mark, and the ears of this adorable bunny doll broke.

I continued to pet it and pondered how to fix its ears so I could continue to enjoy its company. My grandmother saw my confusion, she filled the sock with cotton and sewed it to the bunny doll's ears. With this one simple gesture, a whole new image was born, and Eddie bunny was born.

A chance flick through one day. I rediscovered that particular bunny. At that time, it was my dearest toy, but as I grew older, it faded into the my memories. However, even though time has changed me, the moment I saw that bunny again, I felt a strong urge to do something about it.


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Bunny After Min | The Sock Wave

I realised that the bunny represented warmth and companionship. It has grown up with me and witnessed my dreams, memories and passions.My grandmother had sewn socks onto the bunny's ears, and I wanted to extend this sense of warmth and companionship to the world, embodied in the medium of socks. Just as my grandmother connected the socks to the bunny's ears, I decided to create distinctive artistic designs so that everyone could experience their own sense of warmth. This inspiration propelled me to establish the brand: TheSockWave.

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How does TheSockWave enable individuals to express their individuality through socks

Every day we need to wear socks, but why are we stuck with mundane and boring styles? Another reason I started this brand was that I aspire to break out of the boring and uninteresting routine. Life is full of repetition and mundanity and I wanted to bring some freshness and excitement to people through our brand.

We believe that life should be full of colour and creativity, and that everyone should have the opportunity to express their individuality and uniqueness. 
We insist on not lowering the craftsmanship and cost of products, and I am committed to creating high-quality, well-designed socks. We believe that even if you are plainly dressed on your body, you can also show your personality with our special colorful socks that will give you a unique style in your daily life.

TheSockWave is more than just a pair of socks, it's a pursuit of our lifestyle and a refusal of mediocrity. Like the story of Eddie, we are convinced that even in a state of disrepair and imperfection, we can create unique beauty through creativity and care.

Join us in discovering the endless possibilities of socks. 

Let our socks be an extension of your personality and show off your unique charm. Whether in the workplace, in the sports arena or at social gatherings, TheSockWave's styles will bring you attention and admiration.

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Explore our diverse collection of socks, carefully curated with style, comfort, and individuality in mind. From casual comfort to stylish design, we have something for everyone.
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UU Online

More than socks, UU Online delivers a transformative experience. Dive into our premium series, where impeccable quality meets visionary design, crafted with dedication and passion. Experience the top of sock craftsmanship.

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New Wave

At New Wave, our commitment extends beyond inventive designs to the impeccable quality of each sock. With abstract patterns and vibrant color blocks, we define modern fashion. Each piece caters to those desiring a unique style.

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The Renaissance series is dedicated to the harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary. Within each set, we've meticulously curated three designs around a unified theme, immersing you in the perfect blend of fashion and art.

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