Socks Sizes Guide in Australia, UK, US, EU

Jul 11, 2024

Socks Sizes Guide in Australia, UK, US, EU

Choosing the right socks can seem like a simple task, but with varying sizing across regions and sock types, it can get confusing. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of sock sizing in Australia, UK, US, and EU, along with helpful tips on how to measure your foot for the perfect fit. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, this guide will ensure you get comfortable, well-fitting socks every time.



How to Measure Your Foot for Sock and Shoe Size

There are two main ways to measure your foot for shoe size:

  • Using a ruler

Find a flat surface: This could be the floor against a wall.

Take off your shoes and socks: If possible, measure your feet at the end of the day, when they are slightly swollen.

Place your heel against the wall: Stand straight with your weight on the foot you're measuring.

Measure the distance to your longest toe: Use a ruler held flat against your foot to measure the distance from the wall (where your heel is) to the tip of your longest toe (usually the big toe).

Repeat for the other foot: Feet can be slightly different sizes, so measure both for the most accurate shoe size.

  • Tracing your foot on paper

Get a piece of paper and a pen/pencil: Lay the paper flat on the floor.

Stand on the paper: Place your foot on the paper with your weight on it.

Trace your foot outline: Hold the pen/pencil straight up and down and trace around your foot.

Mark the heel and longest toe: Make small marks at the tip of your longest toe and the back of your heel.

Measure the distance between the marks: Use a ruler to measure the distance between the two marks you made. This is the length of your foot.

Repeat for the other foot: As with before, measure both feet.


For all methods, if someone can help you hold the ruler or trace your foot, that can ensure a more accurate measurement.

Shoe size charts can vary depending on the brand, so it's a good idea to use the shoe size chart of the specific brand you're considering after you measure your feet.

Shoe Size Conversion Table with Foot Measurement in cm

Sock Size Chart in Australia

Kids Socks Size Chart

Older Kids Size Guide

Young Kids Size Guide

Toddler Size Guide

Baby Size Guide



Male Sock Sizes


Women's Sock Sizes


What does sock size 9/11 mean?

Sock size 9/11 refers to the length of your foot in inches, not your shoe size. It means the socks are designed to fit feet that are between 9 and 11 inches long.

Here's a breakdown of what sock size 9/11 typically translates to in shoe sizes:

Women's shoe size: 5 - 10 (US)

European shoe size: 36 - 41

Is my sock size the same as my shoe size?

No, your sock size and shoe size are not exactly the same, but your shoe size can be a good starting point to figure out your sock size.

Sock size is based on the length of your foot, while shoe size considers both length and width.  Sock manufacturers will often use a range of shoe sizes as a guide for their sock sizes.

Sock size charts: These will typically list a range of shoe sizes that correspond to their sock sizes. For example, a sock size 9-11 might fit women's shoe sizes 5-10.

Men's socks: Sizing can vary more than women's socks. A men's sock size might say 10-12 or 6-10, depending on the brand.

Women's socks: Sizing is usually more consistent than men's socks. A women's sock size might say 9-11 and fit a range of shoe sizes.

If you're unsure about sock size, try measuring your foot and use a sock size chart.

When in doubt, it's always better to size up than down to ensure a comfortable fit.

What is the shoe size in Australia to the US?

Women's shoes: Australian and US sizes are the same.

Men's shoes: US sizes are about half a size smaller than Australian sizes. So, an Australian men's 8.5 would be a US men's 9.

Is it better to buy socks too big or too small?

In general, it's better to avoid socks that are too big  because they can cause more problems than socks that are slightly too small.

Problems with socks that are too big:

Bunching and slipping: Extra fabric can bunch up around your toes and heel, which can be uncomfortable and cause blisters. In shoes, this bunching can also lead to pressure and rubbing.

Slipping off: Overly large socks may not grip your ankle or calf well, causing them to slip down into your shoes or even fall off completely.

Loss of protection: Loose socks won't stay snug against your foot, reducing their ability to wick away moisture and prevent friction.

Slightly too small socks can also be uncomfortable, but the issues are usually less severe:

Tightness: Socks that are too tight can dig into your skin and restrict circulation, especially around the ankles or calves.

Reduced comfort: Tight socks may feel constricting and affect your mobility.

When in doubt, size up: If you're unsure between two sizes, it's usually better to go with the larger size for increased comfort.

Consider the sock material: Some materials, like cotton, may shrink slightly after washing. Opt for a slightly larger size if you're concerned about shrinkage.

Is US and Australian sizing the same?

Australian sizes for women's clothing are generally equivalent to UK sizes. Therefore, if you wear a size 10 in Australia, you would wear a size 10 in the UK. However, for US women's clothing sizes, you typically need to go 2 sizes down. So if you wear a size 10 in Australia, you would need a size 6 in the US.

For men's shoe sizes, the conversion is slightly different. If you wear an Australian men's size 8½, your US size would typically be 9.

How do socks affect shoe size?

Thick socks, like wool socks or winter socks, take up more space inside your shoe than thin liner socks. This extra bulk can push against your toes and make the shoe feel tighter.

Because of the added bulk, thick socks can make you feel like you need a half size larger shoe than you normally would. This is especially true for snug-fitting shoes or boots.


Final Words

By understanding sock size charts, foot measurement techniques, and how sock size relates to shoe size, you can confidently choose socks that provide both comfort and function. Remember, when in doubt, it's always better to size up for a guaranteed comfortable fit. So, ditch the sock sizing confusion and embrace happy feet!


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